Buying a Used Truck – What you Need to Know

The truck is the most popular vehicle here in Canada, for many reasons and if you are looking to acquire a second-hand truck for general use, there are lots of things to consider. You might have a buddy who want to sell his set of wheels but before you talk to him, consider how it would be if you bought the vehicle and then it developed issues. Friendships can be awkward when doing business and private cars are sold as seen, giving you zero protection and the older the truck, the more likely it will develop issues. If you buy the truck online, you might need to hire an oversized vehicle transport service to deliver the car to you.

Full Service History

Known as FSH in the auto trade, it is critical that you can see a full history of all services and repair carried out on the vehicle. This data would be in the rear section of the owner’s manual and should contain the rubber stamp of the garage that carried out the work. If a vehicle has been looked after and serviced according to the manufacture’s recommendations, which certainly gives you peace of mind. Newer models would have this data stored online and the dealer can access this for you and it is likely the dealer actually sold the truck to the first owner, having its complete history.


When you buy from a registered dealership, the vehicle would have some form of warranty and there are affordable trucks for sale in Moncton that come with a sound warranty. The dealer accepts second hand vehicles in part-ex for a new model and after a thorough recondition, the truck is put on the forecourt for sale. Who knows what might happen after you shake hands and drive off in your truck? Should the universe conspire against you and the engine throws a rod on the very first trip, you’ll be glad you went to a dealership.

The Test Drive

This would either seal or break the deal and when behind the wheel, test the brakes, steering, acceleration and take note of the smoothness of the ride. Lights, indicators and the general condition of the interior should all be noted and putting the truck through its paces is necessary if you want to see what it can do.


If you are planning to do some serious off-road stuff, then you need a rugged 4WD with upgraded shock absorbers and the right tires. If the truck will be a family runaround, it doesn’t need to have any special add-ons. It makes perfect sense to find a truck that is suited to what you have in mind.

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