The best way to protect your car boot from damage

Anyone who owns a car knows how important keeping it in tip-top condition is. This not only helps the vehicle retain its value but also makes it nicer to drive and nicer to look at. While a lot of attention can go on keeping your interior tidy or finding ways to look after the bodywork, it is also worth finding ways to protect your car boot from damage. But how can you go about this?

Use car boot liners

Car boot liners are some of the best ways to protect your boot from damage. As with seat liners or floor mats, they stop the boot itself from getting caked in mud, grime and dirt. This not only keeps your boot’s carpet material in better condition but also means you spend less time hoovering it out! Car boot liners are also very good for protecting your boot from damage caused by objects placed in it as they move about in transit. This saves the time and cost of having to have your car boot/car boot carpet repaired.

Be careful when loading up

It’s not just damage in transit which can be an issue for car boots. Loading objects into your boot can also be a source of danger to the carpet, the bumper below your boot and also the interior. Try not to rush when putting things in your boot and avoid catching them on the way in. It is also wise to place items down carefully once inside your boot. If you have something which is very heavy, don’t try to load it in yourself and risk damage to your boot if you don’t quite manage it. It is a much better idea to ask for help to load it in – not only for your car but also for your own health.

Think carefully about pets

Although car boots can be damaged by what is in them as we drive about or how we put things into them, pets can also be an issue. Dogs who travel in your boot regularly for example can leave hair, scratch marks and bad smells behind over time. Luckily, this type of thing does not have to be a hassle. Just as there are some great tips for travelling with dogs in cars, there are also some good ideas on how to keep your car boot safe from pets in general. Of course, the ideal solution is to not transport pets about in your car, unless you really have to! If this is not an option, investing in boot liners is a great hack. You could also look at ways of keeping your pet calmer on any journeys, as this should see them less likely to act up and cause damage to your boot.

Don’t use it as a rubbish dump

Another great tip for keeping your boot in top condition is making the effort to keep it tidy. It is not a good idea to use it as a rubbish dump or even a general storage facility! This can really cause problems over time, as you get leakages from stored items damaging the boot carpet or accumulated rubbish causing bad smells.

Top ways to protect your car boot

As noted above, looking after your car is a great idea and something all drivers should focus on. Your car boot is certainly one place which is worth thinking about and the tips above should help you keep it in top shape.

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