What Are the Major Causes of Motorcycle Accident Fatalities?

 Motorcycles are not like cars and trucks; they are smaller. If you are riding a motorcycle, you appear less on the road and susceptible to an accident. When you are smaller, the cars on the road decrease your visibility, and an accident can be more serious. Remember that a motorcycle will not shield you at the sides. Therefore, there is a higher chance of flying after the impact. In addition, there are no essential features such as airbags, seatbelts, and others that can help reduce the risks of getting serious injuries after a motorcycle crash. However, wearing a helmet helps prevent injuries – particularly at the neck and brain. But it will not negate other risks resulting from the accident.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle on the road exposes you to a variety of dangers. So, something may happen abruptly, leading to an accident. The knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyers at Salamati Law Firm have provided some of the major issues that can lead to motorcycle accidents.



As a motorcyclist on the road, you can hear the rev of your motorcycle’s engine, feel the wind and enjoy fast speed. When you speed exceeding the posted limit, it can result in a deadly accident.


Alcohol Consumption

In most cities, motorcycle accidents frequently occur due to alcohol consumption. These accidents usually occur at night – particularly on the weekends. Therefore, alcohol consumption is recorded as a significant cause of motorcycle accidents.


Left-Hand Turns

When motorcyclists turn on the left hand, they are likely to end up in a blind spot. That may be another significant cause of a major motorcycle accident on the road.


Road Hazards and Debris

If you have a motorcycle, when riding at high speed and riding over debris, you’re likely to get in an accident. Some roads are also hazardous for you to ride. Moreover, road hazards and debris also affect small cars, which may result in an accident.


Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is also recorded as one of the causes of fatal motorcycle accidents. Some riders are impatient, and because their motorcycles are small in size, they want to drive between the cars. In such a situation, it is easy to get hit by a car. So, due to their careless riding, they’re likely to get into an accident.


Risk-Taking and High-Performance Motorcycles

The other cause of motorcycle accidents is risk-taking. This could happen when you choose to engage in dangerous activities such as racing.


Serious Injuries After Motorcycle Accident

When you’re involved in a motorcycle crash, you are likely to get injuries. If a passenger car can hit you, there is a high chance of serious injuries. Remember that the driver and passengers in the car have safety and protection gear. So, they can get out of the accident without injuries. But as a motorcyclist, that’s not the same case. You can end in a lengthy hospital stay or death from the same crash.


How to Defend Your Rights

If you believe the other party was negligent and caused the accident, you can claim for damages. To do that, hire an experienced and skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. You will receive help on reimbursement for pain suffering, reduction of quality of life, and medical bills.

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